Traveling with Huel

Just took my first out of town trip after starting with Huel. How do y’all pack Huel for multi-day trips? Throw a whole pouch in the suitcase? Premeasure it into smaller containers for individual servings? Yes, I can put three scoops dry in my shaker for the first meal, but I have other meals I’d like to drink while on the road.


I recently took a road trip as well but I only eat one Huel meal a day (just lunch). I made a shake in the morning before leaving and put it in a small cooler with ice packs. I also just packed the bag to bring along to make my other meals each morning. Probably would be a little different for 2-3 meals a day.

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I just did my first trip with Huel. I packed the big pouch in my checked suitcase and for my in-flight meals I packed a few individual servings into baggies (I re-use the ziploc bags since it’s just powder). TSA did check it but they were nice and it didn’t take any longer than a random search. I’m assuming they do this when moms travel with baby formula and stuff like that. No big deal. The flight attendant was a bit snarky when I asked for ice water in my shaker—totally worth it to be on a plane and not eating overpriced garbage. And the shaker fits perfectly into the little beverage slot on the tray table. :heart_eyes:


Whoa, you documented with pictures and everything! Love it. Huel sure does help make traveling a breeze. Thanks for sharing your experience @Vandercook4. Super helpful!


Yay, thank you for the helpful travel tips and pictures to prove it!

They did a body cavity search on me. You got off easy.