Business Travel Using Huel

I travel quite frequently for work - generally 2-3 trips per month that last 3-5 nights each. Does anyone else travel frequently for work and use Huel? If so, do you have any tips or tricks? What sort of challenges do you run into? How has your experience been - is it worth it or not? I’m not concerned about air travel with Huel since I often check a bag and have pre-check so they don’t question it since it isn’t liquid.

I just started using Huel and have been doing 1 scoop in the morning and 2 at lunch. I work in events so I often don’t have time for lunch and I don’t like eating hotel or buffet food if I can avoid it. Huel is nice because I don’t have to sit down for lunch to consume it and I can monitor how many calories I’m consuming without skipping meals.

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I recently was on the road for about 10 days and traveled with Huel. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Definitely “pre-dose” Huel into separate containers (seal-able baggies or other small containers) for each meal. A lot easier than carrying the large Huel bag.
  2. Bring extra shakers
  3. Pre-mix meals for the day at the hotel and use extra ice… when you leave the hotel, ice can be difficult to get.
  4. Bring a small bottle of dishwashing liquid to clean shakers at the end of the day.

Like anything else related to travel, a little bit of planning can go a long way. But props for sticking to your goals while on the road!

Those are definitely helpful tips! My current trip was 4 nights so I dosed the Huel into plastic baggies. I had a refrigerator in my room which was helpful to chill it overnight and during the day so I mixed my morning meal the night before and the lunch meal before I left my room in the morning.

The one thing I did not bring was a small bottle of dishwashing liquid. That would have been a good idea but I was able to wash it out using hot water in the bathroom sink. I will definitely remember some for the next trip!

My only challenge is breaking away for lunch but I was able to make it work this trip. Others might not be so easy if my room is far away from the event.

I have taken Huel with me on my travels a few times. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one doing it!

I completely agree with putting it in smaller baggies. I use the U/U Huel, and I will put 2 scoops of it and a heaping teaspoon of Ghirardelli double chocolate powder in a baggie. I also travel with my nutri-bullet blender. It’s small enough that it fits really well in my luggage, and I can store my baggies in the cup part of it. The places where I work have break rooms with ice and water, so I bring my Huel and blender in a small bag each day to the office. It works perfectly.

I am sure that mixing ahead of time at the hotel and bringing it with you to the office to leave in the fridge would work well, too. I don’t like the way the Huel gets thick after being refrigerated. I like to mix it and immediately drink it.

If you don’t have a nutri-bullet blender, I definitely recommend getting one. It’s excellent for Huel, and the cup sizes that come with it work well with 2-scoop or 3-scoop servings.

Happy Hueling!