Translate recipes to US wet and dry units

All of the Cooking with Huel recipes use weight and metric volume measurements. While I don’t discount the benefits of this approach, it is not typical of recipes in the US which makes the recipes less accessible to many consumers.

Ideally the recipes would use units of cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons rather than grams and milliliters.

Until this happens, (the website google pulls its conversion calculator from) is really useful. I have run in to several recipes online that weren’t in the “right” units of measurement for me, so I usually just sit down with the recipe for a few minutes before getting started (or before shopping, if necessary) and write the conversions down beside the originals. It’s not super ideal, but it’s a quick, painless process with that website. :slight_smile:

We totally agree with you! As you know, there’s a lot that goes into launching in a new country, so we will definitely get to making that page more accessible as soon as we can. :blush: