How to handle cravings?

Hello everyone,

I am a new Hueler and it has been one week of me hueling. I am drinking almost 1-2 shaker bottles everyday. I eat one normal meal a day (generally breakfast) but I plan on skipping that now.

Sometimes I get super hungry and I am not able to control it. I dunno what to do. It would be great if someone could give me some tips on how to tackle these.

For reference, I am 23 year old Male, weigh about 188lbs. And 5’8"tall.

Also does anyone have any recommendations on when to drink Huel? Or which times have worked best for you? I am aiming towards extreme weight loss with intense exercise 3-4 times a week.

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When I first started using huel for lunch (I don’t eat breakfast), I’d be famished about 2 hours later. Being at the office, I didn’t really have any options to get food though, so, I’d drink a couple extra cups of coffee.

Then it, got really bad, so I started having a little extra (2.5 scoops instead of 2) thinking the issue was needing more food since I only have 2 meals a day. For me this worked! I only had to do that for a day or two before that felt like too much and now, I have 2 scoops of huel for lunch, a snack around five and dinner around 8 (dinner being a serving of vegetables and something else like pasta)

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Try to keep steady calories intake. Like 250-300Calories every 2 hours (total 2000 per day for average human).

In this case “ghrelin” hormone level do not increase. According many studies ghrelin hormone activates “hunger light” in the brain. If this level really high you can’t withstand food craving ;(

Here is infographic for better understanding:

“food zombie” article:

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between meals/shakes you can try drinking more water. you might have to hit the bathroom a little more frequently, but it will help you feel fuller between meals.

or you could grab a healthy snack like carrot sticks, grapes, nuts, or an apple.

as far as best times to drink a Huel shake go, it’s up to you, and when you feel like they best fit into your schedule. when i started out 2 months ago i did some experimenting with this, and how much powder i was using, and what all else i might like to add to my shakes to get the proteins that i needed starting out with a new exercise program. that’s what it boils down to for each user…a little guesswork, a bit of experimentation, and finding the best schedule that works for you.

i like having one after my jog and workout for breakfast. one for lunch, eating a balanced dinner. some days this changes as i need more calories/protein, so i adjust the Huel to fit.

always try to stay adequately hydrated. there is no nutritional value to drinking more or less water, but it will help with hunger as well as to keep your organs and joints lubricated so that they can function properly.
have fun with it. best thing i can tell you.


Thanks. This helps a lot

I’ll definitely try this. Hope it helps. Thanks for sharing. :smile:

cool. I’ll carry my water bottle everywhere now. I hope hydration helps. :smile:

I’ll just drink another Huel or cave in to the craving. Even with caving in, the cravings have gotten less and less severe and I only get them about once a week versus every day or every other day.

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