Absolutely no problems with v.3.0?

I started drinking Huel in 2019 but stopped because I briefly switched over to Super Body Fuel because I liked the taste better. Just ordered v3.0 powder, some bars, and hot and savory.

Opened the powder yesterday (banana), was expected the old slimy texture…but it was fine. Yes there were clumps, but the texture overall was so much better and it didn’t feel like I was trying to drink oatmeal. The flavor could have been sweeter but it was delicious and I could always add honey to it so I’m not concerned.

I’m also digesting this way better than the old powder for whatever reason, even though my diet is arguably worse now. Had Huel yesterday morning and today, and had a bar for a snack. No killer farts or anything. That would happen when I drank the old version.

Am I just crazy? I thought the old powder was way too sweet, especially the berry. Excited to make Huel a more consistent part of my diet.

Buy a hand blender. It will come out smooth, minimal cleaning, no clumps.

putting the ice barrier in the cup works pretty good for the few clumps, and even less clean up. I went back to Huel because I need this to be as effortless as possible since my diet has gone to crap since my chronic pain has increased. but I do have a nutribullet for when I’m up to it


I don’t think you understand. The hand blender has no separate parts. You literally only rinse it off. It takes more time to clean out the bottles. With the ice you are talking about a tolerable amount of clumps versus a smooth drink. It’s more of a hassle to make ice or pull it out of the freezer than it is to literally rinse off a hand blender.

Consider the following: I don’t feel like it. The opportunity cost of buying a blender (also, not very ergonomic as I have a tremor) for me, is outweighed by the fact that my drink is 110% drinkable already. I know what a hand blender is.

Glad you are enjoying the Banana v3.0!
Love your addition of honey, you can also try agave which tastes nice.
It totally can be a more consistent part of your diet and keep us posted on how you get on with the bars and Hot & Savory!