Thinking about using milk


I received my first box of huel today, and I made and dranked my first shake. It did satisfy my hunger but I force it, down. I’m wondering if anyone used milk ,this could be more pleasant experience for me.


Definitely go for milk. I’m a big fan. If you do a shake that is 100% milk it might get a bit heavy and thick. You can try 50/50 or70/30 first.


I found it was much more palatable if I made it in the shaker and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. Using a blender makes a big difference too, but I don’t have access to one at the office, so I make my lunch shake at 10:00, then it’s ready at noon when I take lunch. It’s much smoother (and thicker, fair warning!)


I use almond/coconut milk, blend and let it sit overnight. Then at lunch time I usually water it down gradually as I drink it. Good luck!


I personally always use milk! Almond milk is my first choice actually but regular milk is a good choice as well. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah. I’ve done cow’s, almond, soy, and various miscellaneous plant milks. I generally mix all my Huel doses with half milk / half water.


You might find this video to be useful!