Help me I’m a rookie!

Is milk good with Huel? I’m new to this just bought it today?? Need help?! Thanks

Yes, people have mixed it with milk (both dairy and the nut/soy varieties).

I like the creaminess of almond/cashew blend, but many things work.

I also use Almond Milk (300 ml) with 200 ml of water and I also throw in a cup of frozen fruit! Love it.


I like it with milk. Just let it sit in the fridge for about an hour. I also add a dollap of honey mmmmmm

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I use Vanilla Almond milk with about a teaspoon full of cinnamon and ice with 2.5 scoops of Huel below the grid filter with shaker ball and shake for 15 secs. then pour into a Yeti Thermos set in fridge for an hour or while getting showered and dressed and then shake and consume. Gives it time to soften up. I love it…Milk worked ok, but going off that for awhile even when I think my Almond milk is getting low I’ll use half water half almond milk and it’s just as good. Oh I also mixed my bag of Vanilla and regular to even it out. ,


Huel Fanboy

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^ Wow! Even Bane (villain from Batman) drinks Huel.

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Any type of milk or milk+water mix works very well with Huel. Cow. Almond. Soy. Cashew. (Although it should be noted that only Cow’s milk can be called true milk, since nuts don’t have nipples. But, none the less, any of those milks work well.)

My dinner mix today is:

  • Water 200 ml + Milk 300 ml
  • 2 scoops of Huel
  • Banana
  • 2 tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • Dash of cinnamon

If banana ain’t for you, then try it with 2 tablespoons of applesauce instead. You can also add a small bit of honey to flavor, if needed.

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:joy: True , but Almond Water sounds gross, Soy Water doesn’t cut it either…
Almond Nut Nipples though! Sounds Very Funny!


“Almond Nut Nipples” will be the name of my next band. :rofl:

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I just use water. I’ve never actually tried it with any kind of milk. My favorite non-dairy milk is oat milk (Pacific makes one that’s available at my regular grocery store), because it’s creamy and neutral tasting. I mix Huel in the blender, and I figure I’m pretty much making oat milk out of it anyway, so I haven’t bothered with anything else.

I find water the the vanilla huel tastes just fine. I mix in cocoa powder and it’s bombbbb!

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I usually go for just water, but it’s great blended with Alpro’s Wholebean, zero sugar Soya Milk :slight_smile: (oh god I sound like a hipster)