Mixing Huel with Milk?

Has anyone tried to use Huel with milk? Cows milk or Almond milk. I am new to Huel. TIA

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Yes, many of us use milk or nut milks in our Huel :yum: I personally use cashew milk most often.


Oh yeah. It goes very well with any of the above mentioned milks. Dairy or non dairy. It makes the mixture more creamy. (Adding a half or whole banana also makes the mixture creamy like.) Just take into account the calories and possible sugar from the milk.

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doing it each morning with a banana, one half soy milk and one half water… earlier I drank it completely with soy milk (as banana shake) but it was too thick. If one prefers a smoothie-like consistence, it is OK to mix it completely with milk but I prefer if it is not so thick…

I use vanilla flavored flax milk in a Ninja blender with some ice… Awesome sauce!