The 1000 (THANK YOU)

In my years of Hueling the one thing I always wished for was a loyalty program. I just thought, hey, so many of us Hueligans have subscriptions with bags upon bags delivered every month it would be nice if we earned points that could ultimately be redeemed for Huel award items. I personally would have redeemed mine for Huel shirts (ya’ll have nice shirts). All this time I thought Huel lacked a loyalty program like this but when my most recent subscription delivery began to process I received an email asking me to make note of my shirt size.

When I received my box I was so excited to find not just a shirt but also a shaker in a fancy cardboard box with a thank you note for reaching 1000 Huel meals. Both the shirt and shaker are special “The 1000” blackout editions. This is so great. Thank you for this surprise, it is exactly what I had hoped for.

And thank you for having high quality shirts that are branded in a sleek way. We (my gf and I) actually enjoy wearing them.

What other Huel milestones generate loyalty rewards? Is there a 10k award? A 100k? Maybe you should open a poll on this.
I’ll start: The Golden Scoop for 1 million meals.

Thank you, Huel. You really have made a big impact on my life and I appreciate you, too.


Surprises are fun. I saw a post that showed another loyalty gift beyond 1000. The first thing it reminded me of was the milestone subscriber count plaques that YouTube sends out. A golden scoop would be very special and I assume it would be so rare Huel wouldn’t have to worry about sending out too many of them.

Thank you for the lovely message, really made my day!

We would love to see photos of your and your gf rocking your Huel tees.

Great suggestion, I would love to see a gold Huel scoop!

Currently, we have 1k, 3k, and 5k but please keep the suggestions coming.

I couldn’t be more pleased to hear it, we appreciate you :star:

Here’s another suggestion. Huel Dispensers. Like cereal dispensers but for Huel. I got a beanie, a t-shirt and a shaker for my 3000 meals. I have multiple beanies, multiple t-shirts and multiple shakers. Yet no powdered food dispensers.

Some problems solved:

  • Dipping a wet hand in the bag. Water makes Huel clump on the scoop.
  • After scooping, some powder remains on my hands.
  • The ziplock on the bag is not perfect. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to seal.
  • Huel spills on the kitchen counter.
  • Huel bags are not wall-mountable.