Shipping was Fast!

Hello, I just received my order. I placed the order yesterday mid morning and it arrived today at 3 pm! This is by far the fastest online ordering arrival I have ever experienced. I used amazon pay, but ordered through the company. Wow, haven’t even tried it yet and already I’m impressed. Good job HUEL USA!



Wooo! That’s awesome to hear :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten super fast shipping from Huel too! Usually just a day or two after ordering to go half way across the country.


Yes I just placed my first order today and I gotta say I agree on the fast shipping. Now how fast can FedEx get it here? I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Just checked my FedEx tracking number and it seems Huel made a label only. It has now been over 24 hrs and still the same. I am moving out of state so I may have to pay :moneybag: to have it rerouted thru FedEx.

Hi Spencer,

After looking into your order it was placed after our cut off order period of 12PM CST yesterday and will be shipped FedEx Home Delivery.

FedEx Home Delivery has a pick-up and delivery service of Tuesday through Saturday.

Hold tight, your order should be picked up later today.


Thank you kindly for the update @Sothan_Huel