Thanks FedEx! My poor Huel box

Good news: My Huel was delivered!

Bad news: FedEx delivered it next door where a property is being flipped (only occasionally is someone there) and they tossed the box over their locked gate. :joy:
I called FedEx already and put in a complaint and asked them to please tell their drivers to check house numbers. So just venting. Poor box of Huel frying in the AZ sun. :pensive:

Maybe you can pull it towards you with a rake and then plop it back over the top?

Can you open the box where it is and slip the contents in between the gate?

I’m either going to try to pull it over with a broom and finagle it over the gate or climb the chain link fence to the side of us… once it is dark. This is a pretty crowded and exposed neighborhood where I am new and temporary. I don’t want someone calling the police on me. Still hoping someone shows up over there soon though and walks it over!

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Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Let them call the police. You are recovering YOUR property and the shipping label proves it. I would be shocked if they had a problem with it.


I think this is the saddest photo I have ever seen.

Have you managed to get your Huel?


I know! :joy: :sob:

My neighbors did walk it over eventually. I didn’t trespass because I honestly don’t want to freak anyone out or mess with there being an overenthusiastic cop with a deadly weapon.

The Huel Black seems to have dealt with the sun okay and I’m loving the Caramel Coffee flavor! And my neighbor Jose and I had a nice talk at 15 feet away! So happy ending for all. :smiley:

Thank you all for your concern. We will see what happens with my next subscription shipment… I’m looking at you FedEX. :eyes:


Glad it all turned out well for u and ty for sharing your experience. I like happy endings!

Yes! The caramel coffee is my fav so far. Did u try the chocolate yet. I’m curious to learn if anyone else has the same experience as I had regarding the taste.

I think I would’ve jumped the gate

I love a happy ending!