What We Have Here, Is a Failure to Box it Right!

Expected six boxes of Berry RTD today.

Four were delivered. Two were “returned to FedEx for inspection.”

I have no idea what happened – FedEx support thinks the problem was damaged materials.

I contacted Huel support for help via email – but opening the two other boxes (with two Huel RTD boxes inside) revealed a really dangerous packing solution we should all be aware of moving forward.

Both shipping boxes had broken tape – and were free-flowing with damage.

Huel boxes inside were smashed and were not tightly packed. No cushion. No paper. Just two RTD boxes rolling around inside a much larger box. (Soylent packs their boxes inside another shipping box so tightly you cannot pull out the Soylent boxes without cutting off the shipping box first.)

I live on the East Coast. All the delivery services are rough on boxes – they get tossed off the back of the truck and are never carefully handled.

I hope Huel can find a way to better protect their precious cargo – because FedEx doesn’t care, and the co-packer did not do a right job of picking the right size shipping box or cardboard thickness for predictable, sustainable, delivery.

Edited to add: I also had two 30 lb. dumbbells delivered today in two boxes – two boxes of RTD Huel in one shipping box are around 30 lb., too. The dumbbells were delivered in a box in a box in a triple-walled box, each outer box edge wrapped in a woven nylon-thread shipping tape. Beautifully done. No damage! Which box is more important? The one with the dumb weight? Or one that is a food supply? And they both cost about the same! SMILE!


Yesterday, a FedEx supervisor was supposed to call back “within two hours” to explain why the box was “returned to facility for inspection.” No call. Even though I told them it was a food delivery, and they promised to re-deliver yesterday, or today, but the status has now been set to “delivery next business day” – which is Monday.

Huel support has yet to reply to my ticket.

In my limited Huel-ordering experience, stuff shipped from Jonestown, PA arrives faster, and in a better box, with “Huel” stamped on the outside of the box.

Huel boxes shipped from Millington, TN arrive damaged – poor use of tape, no internal protective packaging, and the box size is too large for the product, and there’s no Huel identifier on the shipping box.

Here’s an image of the thin, weak, box descriptor that arrived damaged yesterday from Millington, TN:

I’m curious if your Huel RTD products arrive in shipping boxes marked “Huel” on the outside or not.

I thank you!

Oh, and someone else in our building gets Huel, too! Their box arrived with the big Huel logo stamped on the outside – but that box was quite a bit smaller than mine – perhaps they were ordering powder or an accessory.

If your email was sent later on a Friday, it may not get looked at till the following Monday. Their office is closed on weekends.

I emailed support at 3:18pm Eastern on Friday.

Hey David. Looking into this now. I’ll respond to your email and we can just keep the conversation there.

Quick Update:

Box was redelivered today by FedEx. Original shipping box was ripped apart and “reshaped” to more tightly fit the two huel boxes inside. Entire shipping box was rewrapped with tons of tape. Tight shipment!

Three bottles missing. Four bottles heavily “caved in” on the bottom. Nothing leaking.

Good News Discovery: We can now order 8 boxes of RTD at a time now instead of 6! No price reduction from ordering 6 or 7 or 8 boxes, though, but the convenience paid is worth the stasis pricing!

Hi! Which bottles were missing?

All Berry.

Berry all the time.

Berry. And only Berry!

Merry Berry!


Berry Berry Berry.

Well, I’m berry sorry about this experience. I’ll hook you up with a fresh, undamaged box :slight_smile:



Thank you so much, Tyler!

Delighted berry all the way! :cherries:



Just received my first “8 Box” order of RTD Berry Huel – perfectly packed, IN FOUR HUEL-BRANDED BOXES, and every bottle arrived in expert order!

Edited to Add: Getting a shipment from the PA depot is the way to go!

Re-Edited to Add: Having a big, box-branded Huel shipment started a great conversation with others in the lobby asking about Huel, and what it was, and how it worked. I cracked open a shipping box, gave them the brochure, and shared some of my refrigerated stock from upstairs to help propel the cause! Many previously knew about my big Soylent buys, and seeing my switch to Huel make them wonder what was happening, and why.


Replacement box arrived today @Tyler_Huel – thank you!

I donated it to the front desk of my building, they’re all eager to start their Huel journey, but their payday isn’t until the 12th. I didn’t want them to wait. I want them to get involved ASAP while the fire to start is hot!

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This whole thread was a rollercoaster. What a great story!! And way to go @boles for sharing the love!

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Yes, discourse imitates life! :grinning: