Tastes Like Expired Mylanta

I’m so - I guess annoyed is the right word. I mean, this stuff is $$$$ and I expect that if I dump that kind of cash into a meal-shake that I won’t have to doctor it to make it palatable. You know that weird smell when you walk into a thrift store? If that smell were made into a drink and mixed with Mylanta, it would be Huel.
Aren’t shakes supposed to be sweet? Ish? I appreciate no cane sugar, but if it’s going to be 400 calories and 17g of fat, I would expect a higher flavour standard. Definitely not Extract of Great-Grandpa Rufus’ Korean War Era Navy Dress Blues with a bouquet of Cobwebby Attic and a full-bodied finish of Pharmacist’s Special Anti-Bloat Pepsin.

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I think it tastes fine. I think quite a few people drink it without doctoring it–I do–but sometimes I’ll use it as part of a smoothie to add some variety. I think a lot of people accustomed to a western diet are used to high sugar, high fat, high salt in most of their foods, and this isn’t that. There are plenty of people who feel that Huel is TOO sweet, and the flavored versions need to be cut 50/50 with Unflavored/Unsweetened to make it more palatable. And then there are some folks who think it doesn’t have any flavor at all. shrug taste is subjective.

The whole reason I chose Huel was because the 400 calories go toward quality nutrition from good sources, and doesn’t blow half of them on making it taste like a dessert. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of products in that space to choose from.


I’m commenting, OP, because I find your description hilarious, and because I empathize a tiny bit.

I have been using UU Huel for over a year now, as I’m not a fan of the taste of most sugar substitutes. UU needs a fair amount of liquid in it NOT to taste of Cheerios – I mean cardboard or wet paper – to me, so my shakes tend to be on the thin side. You might try adding more water or maybe nut/oat milk to yours if you don’t mind a less viscous shake?

I gave up on trying to doctor it with peanut butter or frozen fruit or bananas a long time ago. Blending nearly a pound of frozen blueberries into a very tall 3-scoop shake still wasn’t enough to register perceptible blueberry flavor. All I could taste was Cheerios. Just Cheerios :rofl: :nauseated_face:

But I don’t drink it for the taste, and I suspect that is true of most Huel patrons. Huel has been a big help in keeping me healthy and my weight stable; if I’m really busy/stressed/drained and have to think about what to eat, I just won’t eat otherwise. My bloodwork also sings its praises.

What has helped the flavor for me is a really good flavored whey isolate powder I found a while back. It’s made by Muscle Feast if you’re interested.

As it should be. Food is merely fuel, it’s not supposed to be entertainment, like most food advertising tries [intensely] to condition you to believe it is.

Food can be pleasurable too. The ‘Food is only fuel’ perspective is a large part of why Huel and other similar products exist (the guy who invented Soylent actually hates food and hates eating! He just wanted to make something that satisfied the basic requirements of ‘food’ so he could drink it down and get on with his life slinging code), but it’s not the only valid way of looking at food.

I’m a chef. I made a career from making food that is pleasurable and delicious. I also love food and derive a ton of pleasure from eating, so I’ll admit I’m biased. Huel was an easy way for me to make sure I ate enough food in the course of a day when I still cooked for a living, and I’ve been a regular customer for over two years now.

I need variety and flavor and taste and visual stimulation in a package that is good for my body – so I now use Huel as a base and cook with it, or make brightly-colored smoothie bowls with fruit, nuts and natural ‘superfood’ pigments. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make my own cooking in general visually appealing, healthy, and delicious; it’s one way I make myself happy.

I see a number of people being shamed on this forum for wanting Huel to taste better. Their concerns are valid and shouldn’t be dismissed. Food is ‘entertainment’ or at least ‘pleasure’ for most people: finding ways to bring more pleasure to Huel ensures that more people will try it and stick with it.

Cocoa Huel smoothie bowl I made. Those are homemade carob chunks, slivered almonds and bee pollen on top

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That looks lovely :slight_smile: Is the Huel cooked? Thickened?

Is this directed at me? Am I being scolded for my “food is merely fuel” comment?

I already find it to be a bit too sweet. It definitely does not need more sugar. If you want more taste or sweeteners, that’s what the flavour boosts are for. It’s a lot easier to add sweetening than to remove it.

For some reason, my comment didn’t register as a proper reply to yours, but it is indeed a reply. I don’t see this as ‘scolding’ but…:woman_shrugging: There is a ton of ‘food is merely fuel’ sentiment on this board, not just from you. It drives me insane, but I’m aware I’m in the minority on these forums. I definitely see the validity of your perspective though.

@Desert_Way: I only added a cup of liquid to 2 scoops of Huel – took some experimenting to get the consistency right :joy: No heat or extra thickener involved.

@saolof: I use UU as a base for everything I do with Huel. I’ve tried vanilla and had to cut it with UU – it was cloying, and adding fruit was just too much. The flavor boosts all contain stevia…I’ve tried a few (chai, gingerbread, chocolate cherry, pumpkin spice) and haven’t found one that actually tastes good. I ordered a sample pack of 10 flavors recently, so maybe I’ll find one I like this time?

Stevia also has other…unfortunate…effects if consumed in excess. At large doses (i.e.: people enjoying the taste of it so much that they bake with it, sweeten all their drinks with it everyday, etc.) it’s a contraceptive.

For some reason, my comment didn’t register as a proper reply to yours, but it is indeed a reply. I don’t see this as ‘scolding’ but…:woman_shrugging:

:laughing: I was actually being sarcastic.

There is a ton of ‘food is merely fuel’ sentiment on this board, not just from you. It drives me insane,

I understand the need for some to attach certain emotions to their experiences with food and I can relate. For me, however, those attachments are my downfall. It’s why I make less-than-healthy food choices and why I wish those foods had no taste at all. So, I’m constantly reminding myself of that little fact that drives you insane. So don’t get too upset if you see it again from me, just know it’s mostly a reminder to myself, not an attempt to argue my position.

but I’m aware I’m in the minority on these forums.

Maybe you are but that doesn’t invalidate your opinions and feelings. Try not to take it too personal. You are among friends, I assure you!

I definitely see the validity of your perspective though.

As do I of yours.


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No worries, I’m a huge vegan foodie and consume Huel on weekdays 2x/day as well. I don’t believe it is merely fuel but I do believe there is something to be said for the convenience Huel has to offer. I work a pretty intense job that requires a big time commitment; needless to say, Huel serves its purpose while providing a flavorful solution.

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You’re hired…(that looks delicious)

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