Sustainability per Meal

I was just looking up Huel’s commitment to sustainability and saw that there’s the intention of keeping each meal less than 0.5kg CO2 equivalent or less. I was wondering if there was a place that I could see how much CO2e each meal produces, or if that information could be made available here?

I’m mostly interested in the Instant Meals, but have a curiosity for all of it.

Hi @Vition great question! Not one I had the answer for on hand so I appreciate your patience while I found it for you! This is the information we have in terms of how much CO2e each meal produces:

We will also be posting this information on our website early next year :two_hearts:



I was kinda hoping for a breakdown by individual flavors (even though they are unlikely to be very different), but this was the level of info I was expecting.

It’s not surprising but interesting to note that the RTD is so much higher than the rest of them - more than three times the next highest ones.

Anyway, thanks again Kathryn!

Yes! The RTD number being higher is due to the fact that the product comes in individual recyclable plastic bottles and is quite heavier than the other products, which causes more emissions during transport. The reason this is the case is that we advertise our Ready to Drink bottles as good meals for when you’re truly on the go (which is why they’re the ones available in stores as well :smile:)

Rest assured as well that while we’re already very proud of all the profess we’ve made in terms of sustainability, we know there is still so much farther we can go! Our team is constantly working in the background on ways to improve even more while still providing a great product for our customers :revolving_hearts: