Aligning subscriptions with use

Hi! I am a new user. My plan is to have 3 Huel shakes a day. None of the subscription options, assuming my math is right, aligns with that. Do people change their subscriptions on a regular basis to make things work schedule-wise or what do you suggest? Thank you!

I definitely understand your point. I have not quite ramped up my consumption yet to where I will have the same need.

I agree that it is not the most convenient but I think the following would work:

  • 1 order of 56 meals
  • 1 order of 28 meals

(You can you change the quantity once items are in your cart to do 3 orders of 28 meals, but that would be more expensive.)

Ahh, advanced math :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi @AKUSA, great to hear from you and thanks for your interest in Huel!
The best way to do this and optimize your savings can be a little tricky to figure out, so thank you to @vossad01 for lending a mathematical hand. :+1:
Here’s our recommendation for you:
If you do 3 Huels a day, that’s 21 meals a week, 84 meals a month.
If you choose a 4 week subscription, you could order 3 orders of 28 or 1 order of 56 and 1 of 28.
If you choose an 8 week subscription, you could order 3 orders of 56 or 1 order of 112 and 1 of 56.
It’s cheaper to buy in bulk and you get 10% off for subscribing, so I would personally recommend the latter of the options, but it’s up to you! Hope this helps. :blush: