Strawberry shortcake = sawdust

Hey all. So, I got my first package and it consists of strawberry shortcake X 2 and the cinnamon one.
I am on day 3 now and it still taste like unflavored sawdust with the same texture. I have tried blending for texture and it got a little bit better.
The flavor is weak at best. I use two scoops and add extra water to it to thin it down just a bit but, it didnt help. I also get a after taste that is unpleasant also. I am going to try to add a tablespoon of Nestle Quick strawberry flavor to help with the flavor part. I might add a banana and make a “enhanced” smoothie.
I drink this because I do not eat right away in the morning so this helps once I am settled in at work so the added sugar wont effect anything for me.
Let me know what you all use for flavor or which flavor you use from Huel.


So upon further trial and error, I found that if you change the water for milk and add two scoops of Nestle Quick with only 1 scoop or Huel, it tastes great with minimal after taste.

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That is a pretty significant change to the nutrient value of the shake. I’d question whether consuming it this way could be considered to be a nutrient balanced meal replacement. I don’t know what the nutrient content of Nestle Quick is, but seeing as it is marketed to youth, I’d assume the majority of it is sugar of some kind. The 500ml of milk has plenty of calories in the form of lactose.

Perhaps evaluating your desired goals for using Huel would be beneficial. If you’d like, I’m sure the good people behind would be able to discuss.


Thanks for the reply Flynn. I do want the nutrient component from Huel but I also want it to taste good too. Granted that the added flavoring does add carbs as sugar but, I am still getting the rest of the Huel to start my day instead of buying something far much worse to eat once the hunger craving kicks in. So, I have decided to add ingredients as opposed to making a return. As far as the milk goes, I do not mind the milk and we get it from Oberweis Dairy which means we have to consume it faster as it has less non milk ingredients.
I am going to finish these bags and try another flavor. I do like peanut butter which if it isnt tasty to me, I can always enhance it also with a few things.

Taste is highly subjective, and Huel is a pretty significant departure from typical American flavor palette. It is frustrating that Huel doesn’t have a sampler pack of all their flavors. I’ve heard them say it is because Huel can be an acquired taste, and it takes a few drinks to get used to it. While true, by the time somebody has taken the time to use online feedback, it is somewhat of a weak argument as it presumes the customer hasn’t already tried to get used to it. IMO - four servings should be enough to find out if you can get used to it. Going all in with 17 servings before you know, that’s a big ask.

All that said, I like the Huel Black Vanilla flavor the best out of the 3 flavors I have tried so far. My next shipment is Caramel Coffee, Cinnamon Roll, and Unflavored & Unsweetened. So I can experiment with adding my own flavors. I’ve heard the U&U tastes like oats, and that will probably be fine with me. My current bag of Banana flavor is … um … not so great tasting. But I’ve only had it twice. Maybe it will grow on me? Going to be as positive as I can about it. Maybe I’ll add some real banana to it to see if I can improve the banana taste.

For your journey, I’ve heard that peanut butter flavor is going away. Which is a bummer. I’ve also read that there is a peanut butter powder additive that can be used to flavor U&U. I’m sure you can search for it and find those threads. Best of luck!

Hi @cse1965 - welcome to the US Forum! :hugs:

Looks like I’m a bit late to the party here. Apologies for that! @Flynn_Cycle has almost expertly covered most of the points and solutions I would have offered as well, so thanks for that!

So sorry to hear that you haven’t been enjoying the flavor in your first order as much as you had hoped! Taste is definitely subjective and it’s possible our strawberry shortcake flavor just isn’t as strawberry as you prefer a strawberry flavor to be, and we totally understand that!

If you haven’t already, please do get in touch with my customer experience colleagues at so that we can chat more about this and gather some more information about your specific bags and experience :two_hearts:

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I added 1 crushed up Oreo cookie to my Huel Cookies & Cream drinks to get rid of the weird stale cookies & cream flavor it had.

the banana sounds like a good idea