Stevia chocolate-mint differs

I absolutely loved the choclate mint Huel, but decided to try the Stevia one, since my stomach to a degree, do not like most artificial sweeteners. Luckily, sucralose is among those that give the mildest symptoms because…the stevia version is terrible, in my opinion. The sucralose version tastes really good, but at least to me, the stevia one tastes like toothpaste with just a hint of cocoa.

I thought it was just me, but have now had two friends confirm it too, so…in the undying words of Leonard Hofstadter - what’s up with that?

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I’m assuming you’re referring to the flavor booster? I didn’t realize you could choose different sweeteners. I can only choose the flavor.

I wonder if they are phasing out one or the other, and only older customers can choose?

I’m not sure which flavours you are referring to Johan? Are you comparing the mint choc powder to the mint choc flavour boost?

My apologise for not being very clear.

Yes, the mint choc flavour boost with stevia, in comparison to the Mint Chocolate Huel with sucralose.

Odd, there are some taste differences between the two but I wouldn’t compare them like that. How much of the flavour boost do you add? Too much stevia can result in off notes which is why the mint choc Huel uses a combination of sucralose and stevia.

I agree with his assessment of the mint chocolate flavor boost (using 8oz milk in one scoop of unflavored/unsweetened with the entire sample packet). Not entirely toothpastey but very little chocolate coming through and not a great mint flavor.

Would be awesome if the other one ends up in the US!