Can't taste the Mint Chocolate Flavor Boost

I got the Mint Chocolate Flavor Boost and with the Unflavored Huel. I cant really taste the flavor boost at all. I read that another guy says that it tastes like Thin Mints. I even put way more then they recommend and I can’t taste it at all. Is it just me? Or do other people feel the same way?

Can you quantify that?

You need to use more and I’d say it is better with some source of sweetener to bring out the flavor, but I would definitely say I can taste it even with pure UU. This combination was actually what I used in my most recent serving.

While it is a similar flavor profile to Thin Mints, none of the ratios I have tried have been close enough to that exact flavor for me to think of it like that rather than “Chocolate Mint”.

I do 1-2 tablespoons of the Chocolate Mint and still cannot taste anything. I do sweeten it with Stevia but that doesn’t help.

I think, but I’m not 100% on his part, that he and I are using the Vanilla Huel. I generally use two heaping teaspoons, which is like… 4x the recommended amount I believe. I actually don’t taste mounds of chocolate flavor, but I catch a hint of it with the mint and that’s what reminds me of thin mints - that and it being cold since my thin mints were always frozen.

You could maybe try some Peppermint extract. It won’t take much that’s for sure.

The only thing I can think would be to try a side-by-side comparison to see if you can tell any difference that way. Beyond that maybe you are just less sensitive to the flavor than I am? It is definitely more of a mint than a chocolate.

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Hi there! :wave: While the flavor boosts are designed to work best with the Vanilla Huel, you should still be able to use it with the U/U and a sweetener of your choice. If you’re still struggling to taste the flavor and are unsatisfied, please email us at and we can issue a refund for the flavor boost.