Getting ready to start Huel for weightless and health

Hi! I ordered Huel today (powder and hot and savory) and can’t wait to start.

I am a 5’4 woman, 265 pounds, 43 years old. I gained with the pandemic but have been over 200 for the last 20 years (since pregnant with my first child, had four total). I have been highly sedentary for two years since breaking my ankle. I strained the other knee while hopping on one leg, and everything has been downhill since.

For decades I have tried all kinds of diets and plans to get below 200 but I have only gotten as close as 207. I think my ideal weight would be 140ish, but would be THRILLED to just get to 199.

I plan to start with the shake for breakfast, maybe a banana thrown into berry flavor or cold coffee blended in (with vanilla flavor), and H&S for lunch. Dinner will be chicken and veggies or the like.

If anyone has any tips, they’re welcome, but really I forced myself to post just for accountability and to make myself write a plan out.

Thanks for all your helpful posts here, I have been reading as much as I can.


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Hey @Sarahhh - Welcome to the Huel forum! :slight_smile:

I would say to start out slow! Take it one small change at a time, working toward your goals. This will allow you to adjust and can be much more manageable over the longer term. If you are looking to add Huel twice per day and then have another meal with other food for dinner, I’d say to start out with one meal and go from there. Once you feel that is manageable, then build on it with another small goal!

Also - having a few different options is always nice, it can get a bit monotonous for some to have the same every day, so having variety in food options can be nice too!

This can be a great way to change up the flavor - I personally love adding in some coffee to mine in the morning and blend it up with a few ice cubes, some cinnamon, and half plant-based milk and half water!

Wishing you all the best and let us know how everything goes!

I am doing the same. I have always had weight issues. I lost 80 lbs but then the pandemic, you know. I am 37, 5’ 3”, and back up to 185. I do a Black shake in the morning, H&S for lunch (favorite is max chili mixed with mac), and a Fresh N Lean Protein+ meal for dinner. Sometimes I have a Huel protein shake. Good luck! You got this!