Starting my Huel weight-loss journey

HI fellow Hueligans,

I’ve known about Huel for a number of years and used it off and on. Over the last year, I’ve not only gained the “COVID 20” but more like the “COVID 40”. Unfortunately, that was in addition to some weight I gained when I got promoted, and stopped having as much time for self-care.

So I decided to jump start my weight loss with a 30-day Huel challenge.

My plan:
Huel brunch shake
Huel Hot and Savory dinner
2 Huel snacks (bar or 1/2 shake)

My starting point:
BMI: 39.3
Body Fat: 50.5%
Muscle Mass 25%
Water Weight: 43%

I recognize that rapidly cutting calories and having a very restrictive diet isn’t for everyone, however after discussing with my doctor and a nutritionist, we decided it is a good path for me and one I have success with in the past. Their only additional recommendation is that I take an MVI everyday since I won’t be eating a full day’s worth of Huel.

In addition to controlling calories, I’m hoping the time I save in food prep I can use to get back into my regular rowing routine.

Wish me luck!!

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Hey @Zycie,
I know you are going to crush your weight loss journey :heart_eyes:
Here is a helpful link regarding Huel and weight loss: How to lose weight well | Huel Guide
You are going to do some amazing rowing!

Was the page deleted? I can seem to get the link to work.

@Cleanupman the link should be working now :blush:

Thank you! I appreciate your help!

Ok it’s been 2 months and I’ve made some progress.

Weight: -9.2 lbs
BMI: 37.5
Body Fat: 48.7%
Muscle Mass: 25%
Water Weight: 43%

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