Starting a mostly huel journey

This week I’m starting to use huel to help lose the unwanted pounds I’ve held onto for a while! I’ve been a huel user for about a year now but binge eat everytime I eat Haha. Not funny but funny. I am comfortable with who and how I am I just dont like being unhealthy and would prefer to be healthy and run again as well.
I’m 6’3, 262 lbs, dude to start after a week now I’m at 255. Using myfitnesspal and a garmin vivoactive 3 with 1200-1600 cals of huel every week day eating normal food on weekends with a 1800 cal allowance. I’ve started taking walks and doing light jogging. I was a marathoner before weighing in at 180lbs just a few years ago and would like to get back to that. I will increase calories of course when I start actually getting into real workouts and good run/jogs. I’ll keep this thread posted with updates for anyone curious or interested to see what the heck happens. I know I am!

I should add I’m 31, work full time 100 miles away from home so I sleep in my car weekdays and go home on weekends to save money until I can pay a bunch of crap off and get room for rent. Huel is cost effective, very. Also I’m an alcoholic in recovery working a program and hoping to get a little self respect back Haha huel so far is a great tool helping me feel healthy and achieve my weight/health , financial, and personal fitness goals.


You’re not alone on a great many of those aspects.

  1. I have to premake EV-ER-Y dinner I eat or it’s a lost cause. I also have to make sure all my other “edibles” - snacks, whatever… are prepackaged so I can track them on MFP. I’m literally NOT allowed to eat out ever because - no, just no. It gets ugly super fast.

  2. I’m paying shit off too. Boo. It sucks. We’re trying to buy a larger house so paying everything off cards wise, trying to make double payments on the condo after that and God willing, this time next year or close to it - I’ll have a backyard lol

  3. I readily admit I could be wrong - but I’m pretty sure my wife is an alcoholic. She’s not in a program, she’s trying to wrestle her demons on her own for now. It’s… difficult. Kudos to you for recognizing what’s up and heading down a path of self preservation and health. I’m hoping this time she may actually seek a program of sorts.

Cheers dude. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Journeys are always a bit easier when you know you’re not the only one on that road!

  1. Yes completely haha plus i spend money i don’t currently have on food thats just horroble for you. Very tasty but yea trash for the body haha and CALORIE HEAVY. Even salads i have the server or i order extra dressing haha

  2. The crappy part is i have a great job that pays very well ive just mismanaged and purchased things i should have taken some time to think over instead of going all in. However my current situation is very humbling. My car is very comfortable and im realizing i dont need so much STUFF! But a backyard does sound nice!! Good luck on your financial endeavours!

  3. Alcoholism is a tricky thing. Relapse is a huge part of my story and now sobriety is something i want most in life. Programs are around for people who want them not really for people who need them. A suggestion, find an open meeting talk to some people ask them if theyd be willing to talk to your wife from persoal experience o one can really help an alcoholic like another alcoholic but your wife has to be willing. Best of luck and hope to hear from you in the future!


Week 1 ended up being get rid of some food so wasnt as huely as i planned but now into week 2 im at 1600 cals of huel a day in an 8 hour window. Running 6-7 miles 3-4 times a week. Slow miles but ill get there with time.

Huel has been great in money savings, time nkt wasted grocery shopping, and just amazing ease of use. I have a scale to weigh my servings. Will be able to weigh in in about 2 weeks and update on that.

Hunger pangs have gone away but some cravings for burgers and cheese frys still hit me but less frequent. This is very doable, tasty (i drink it plain), and just a great tool so far. Im thinking with prolonged use my stomach will shrink a bit so if i ever do binge or “treat myself” ill probably get fuller faster.
Thank Huel!!!


Yes it should. That’s one of the main things I noticed after changing the diet and losing the excess body fat. My stomach feels full quicker than it did before. I am unable to eat the same quantities as before and if I do it gives me physical discomfort for a while, providing negative reinforcement that I ate too much.

Habits take a while to change. But if you force yourself to go without the bad food long enough, your mental cravings will go away and maintaining a good meal plan will feel effortless.

I can no longer eat sugary sweet stuff since it tastes too sweet. I prefer semi sweet stuff like whole fruit. I have grown to prefer oats and rice and potatoes. I’ve also noticed that food digests easier than when I was eating a diet containing meat.


Down to 250 now. Would rather see a 2 lb a week loss so ill increase huel. Bad gas and pooping all the time is gone and im back to normal in that reguard. Cost and ease of use is the best part of huel so far! Taste, i like it cant wait to try the chocolate. Looking foward to more of the journey!


I am on day 8 of all-Huel. I am doing it for some of the same reasons; I need to discipline my food intake because of binge eating and sugar addiction and I have an upcoming heavy work schedule on the road. Initially the taste (berry and chocolate with several additives) was so horrible to me. After I see the efffectiveness with which it controls hunger, the maintenance of my physical strength and the great effects on my digestive system, I drink it happily and I am dedicated to using it for my well-being.I look at it as a magic medicine for health. So far, so great.


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How are you making out on your journey?