Starting a Huel (modified) Lyfestyle Eating Plan

Greetings Huel Brothers and Sisters! I am starting a Huel eating plan. Armed with a Vitamix, I plan to use Huel three times a day with frozen fruit. When I am in a savory mood I plan of experimenting with some spices. However, I do have a bit of intolerance for flaxseed. I get bumps on the soft tissue of my inner mouth and get a bit of sickness feeling. I get it when eating all types of melons too. Almost like car sickness feeling if that makes sense. I hate it but will endure for a week. I hope Huel can find a replacement for flax…maybe chia seeds? I will have to chase my Huel with water to reduce the bumps I get from the flaxseed. :frowning: Anyhoo…my normal SAD is aweful so will try to fast from the SAD diet and do a reset. Once the week is up, i will slowly introduce overnight oats and homemade soups. Then maybe slow cooker chicken and beef.

Wish me luck and would love to hear all the experiences with others who did either a Huel-Only diet and modified Huel diet.


Keep us updated! Let us know if you have any questions along the way. :+1:

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Best of luck on your journey.

I recently got my Huel package. Although I will be going to an All-Inclusive resort all next week so I don’t want to miss out on the enjoyment. I will start my Huel meal replacements when I get back the week of the 29th.

I plan on doing Huel for breakfast and lunch and a normal substance dinner. If I get cravings I will try to eat apples and nuts along with black coffee and water ONLY. I will refrain from drinking alcohol atleast for a couple weeks while I am on this diet, just to see how I do.

Best of luck to all!