Soda Addiction and Huel

Hello, I am egarly awaiting my first order of Hule. I’m hopeing to use Hule to quit soda addiction and lose weight. I plan to drink Hule twice a day. I have some complications though.

I’m 5’ and 185lbs. I want to lose 60-80lbs on Hule/not drinking soda. Is this reasonable?

My complications, I’m a recovering addict, I have bipolar, PTSD, histamine intolerance & IBS.

As a recovering addict (3+ years) I’ve turned to soda as a crutch. Nothing comes before my sobriety, and I’d rather drink soda than drink. I know Hule use can be intense and that makes me worried… If Hule makes me want to use, it’s out. Besides being addicted to soda, I crave new flavors that water can’t provide (because I’m allergic to most water additives). Has anyone else in recovery balenced Hule and sobriety?

Bipolar and PTSD meds have made me gain 80lbs sense I started them (I used to be 100-105lbs eating junk all day). They have also caused were food craving when not treated properly. I’ve felt totally lost trying to fight these cravings. Does any other severely mentally ill person do better with Hule?

Histamine intolerance has been up and down for me. Some foods I can’t have at all (tomato, banana) some limited (vinegar) and some freely eaten (dairy, eggs). The official website warns of histamine issues with the pea proteins. Has anyone had that issue? Is it common with histamine intolerance and Hule?

IBS is mentioned on the website. Mine is bad enough to be medicated and has kept me out of work. Luckily I have the consipation kind so a high fiber diet might actually help me out. Has anyone had complications with IBS on Hule? Should I be worried?

I’m excited but scared of what Hule could do for me. Please assuage my fears if you can!

As a meal option Huel. As mentioned in a few other posts there are a few ailments that don’t play well with Huel especially when you first start. As to the soda question try changing to zero calorie water drops. All the flavor and a variety of flavors so find a favorite and enjoy. One good choice can make huge difference.

I have IBS-C as well and am happy to report that after 4 days on Heul my first BM was successful; soft and didn’t leave me bloody. I’m only on day 5 but happy so far with that.

Sadly myself and my girls all suffer with PTSD and my youngest is also autistic. My youngest won’t tolerate Heul but she’s a soda lover and will only take water with pills, we’ve found ICE drinks in the grocery store with no calories and many flavors to choose from and her water consumption has improved greatly.

I can also report on day 5 of Huel my memory has improved and I’m handling the stress of a job I don’t really like much better than before Huel.

I wish you success!

Hi Carly

congratulations on your sobriety that’s amazing!

I saw this post as have been told I need to steer clear of histamine liberators. How have you been getting on with huel?

Take care :slight_smile: