So should I switch it up or?

Noticing most are doing solid Huel only and that’s actually not my intent so I am curious if I am “wrong” and should reconsider. Long story short, I’m a personal trainer and fitness competitor with an Insane schedule… I work with Veterans (9-5), train clients outside of those hours and fit my own workouts in daily around my schedule. I do meal prep but honestly there are some days I am so slammed with work that I miss or end up having to double up on meals to get it all in.

Or worse, someone eats me prep!

So I found Huel looking for something allergy safe for me that I can tote with me or grab and go. I switched out a solid prep meal at “lunch” the past 2 days since my order came in and am finding it’s really solid to where I might need to cut the volume but lines me up for a killer afternoon workout.

I eat 4-5x a day depending if it’s a training day or recovery day and my macros are pretty dialed in so Huel fitting as well as it does was a huge relief. Just want to make sure I’m utilizing as well as I can be. Coming off a nasty injury has me behind the 8 ball for this spring so I have to look to summer and see if I can make up the ground or if I have to make the harder decision to hold and compete next year. I broke an ankle in October and with oral prednisone for it staying inflamed as well as cortisone I unfortunately came up more in weight than I would have hoped with no cardio restrictions.

Hi Vexys,

I think that in order to utilize Huel as well as you can, you use it however you want. We all have diverse needs, and the Huel people have have kept that in mind as they have developed it. That’s why there are no prescribed or recommended ways to use it. You do you.

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I’m assuming by solid you’re referring to Hot & Savory? It’s really up to you and what your goals are. For me, I prefer Huel Black 2x a day and integrate H&S on days I don’t really feel like cooking/heating up dinner or on weekends where my food intake can get a bit wonky due to the less regimented nature of those two days a week.

It’s also nice to change it up a bit. I just prefer the Black macros much more. To UniqueMT-BC’s point, it’s all about personal preference. Go with the one/s that aligns more with your goals.

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Thank you both! I like being able to do me and hated the thought of shortchanging myself if there was a better approach. So figured reaching out is never a bad thing.

I do have the black and some rtd in addition to H&S just depending on limitations I might hit during the day. Figured it’s better to have the options. I felt like the black hits my macros better so it should all fall into place.

Hate overthinking but I do have stress on with injury and losing 4 months that I really needed. But it’s ok and will line up how it does.


Hey @Vexys,
Hope your recovery is going excellently!
The best part about Huel is that you can use it as much or as little as you want! There truly is no right way to use Huel.
I am sure you are crushing your recovery and we are proud to have you as a Hueligan :muscle::sparkling_heart:

I’m down a kilo so this is becoming an integral part of getting quality nutrition in with deadlines and the crazy things that can happen. I won’t say it’s been easy getting back to training because the weather has been abysmal with ice and some temperature extremes so staying fuller with Huel and hitting my macros has been huge!

With luck things will stay on track and I can start pushing myself harder