Six meals a day

Does anyone here consume 6 times a day as opposed to 2 or 3 larger meals, even if it’s a huel hybrid food deal? Generally eating smaller portions more frequently helps your metabolism, energy levels, insulin levels, etc. One of the main draws for me would be the ability to eat easily more frequently. Meal prep for athletes and bodybuilders(not a bodybuilder) is an absolute nightmare. So many meal prep companies have cropped up just over that alone because of how much of a pain it is to prep and portion. It’s just massively time consuming. Anyone doing this or close to this any feedback would be great. Also if you provide feedback, height, weight, sex, calorie intake(scoops), type of Huel used, solo Huel vs. Huel and solid food, activity level, etc, would help tremendously. Thanks.

4’11", 118 lbs, F, trying to stay under 1400 cal a day, HIIT 4x before work, outdoor endurance fun during the weekend. At my leanest and strongest it was 5 small carefully weighed and measured meals a day. I felt awesome but the prep and dishes wore me out. I would eat the same thing for weeks just because it was tasty and easy to calculate. When you are a petite human it’s hard to choose enough variety to meet dietary needs without eating too many calories and “normal” people think you are odd for eating a little container of plain looking food all the time.

I’m currently doing 4 meals a day: #1 and #2 = 70g Powder + spices and extracts. Since I don’t like smoothies, I mix the powders (only Black) to a pudding or smoothie bowl consistency, and add some low calorie flavor variations for fun. Meal#3 is a full serving of H&S and I rotate the flavors now that there are lots of flavors! Meal #4 is a typical “meal prep” meal: 3oz meat for protein, veggies for ~30g carbs and either an egg or nuts for fats. I eat more meals and carby things if I’m biking or hiking on the weekend and I do go completely off the rails and eat whatever I want sometimes! But 75% of my weekday meal prep is really easy now and simple to count.

When is your last huel meal? Does the caffeine affect your ability to sleep well?

Last Huel Meal (H&S) is at 2pm, although I’ve had the powder as late as 4pm. The amount of caffeine does not have any impact on me.

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I usually eat 5-6 times a day;

  • Huel for breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack
  • Veggies, rice and a fat for dinner around 7:30
  • A snack in between breakfast and lunch and then after dinner
  • Snacks are typically a carb and a fat; fruit and almond butter, guac and ak-mak, celery and PB

This is how I ate when I was younger and way more active. Basically everyday after work was either in the gym, out on trail running or mountain biking in the wilderness, not getting home until 8 or 9 at night.

I remember prep being easy, it took about 15 minutes for me each day to get everything together and cleaned up. I could heat up rice and steam some veggies while prepping.

I was focused on about 3200-3500 calories a day at 6’0, 215 with about 10% BF.

I eat vegan, dont focus at all on how much protein; Huel has way more protein than I would consume without it. I also don’t focus at all on fiber, I just let it happen, it isn’t an issue.

I have had Huel later at night, no caffeine issues for me.

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Apparently they confirmed in another topic that unless you order chocolate(or probably coffee) there is no traceable caffeine in Huel. Which is good for me to hear as I’m pretty sensitive to it because I eliminated it from my diet years ago.

There is minimal (less than 3 mg per serving) to undetectable amounts of caffeine in most flavors of Huel powder. This does depend on the flavor though (for example, like you mentioned with coffee and chocolate flavors).