Show off your body - Huel Fuelled

this may or may not catch on…

show pics or vids of how far youve come because of huel…


i dropped 40 kilos in a year, from alcoholic to pull up supremo




Just over a year ago I started using Huel. I started at 286.3lbs. As of this morning I weight 169.2lbs. Down 117.1lbs. The after pic is from about a month or so ago.


wow man, thats impressive.

well god damn done bruv.

you must be proud.


Thank you! Yes, I’m pretty proud about how I’ve done! It’s been well worth it!!!


40 Kilos is a lot. It must feel so much better to not have all that excess weight.

I haven’t used Huel to lose weight, but rather maintain, as I am a picky eater. I had my 6-pack coming in right before everything started closing in March for COVID19, and now I’ve pretty much lost it due to inactivity, and some poor eating habits. I am hoping to get it back in the upcoming months now that the gym has reopened.


yeah man i got so big
not normal for me

glad im this shape now but i want to keep going

but putting no pressure on myself, just keeping energy up and working out as much as possible

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vegan muscle

this is from obese alckyholic to losing 40kg in 18months

vegan muscluar

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Congratulations VetteMan! Well done! Stay focused on it everyday. It’s way too easy to fall into those bad habits and put it all back on. I speak from experience.

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Thanks!!! I’m still losing! I’m now down 128lbs. Almost to my goal weight then I’m going to focus on building some more muscle!!!

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