Shirts in different colors?

I’m not sure if this has been suggested yet, and I’m sorry if it has, but I’m completely fine with bringing it up again because I want this suggestion to happen.

Can we get the shirts in all the different colors of the flavor boosters?! I want to show my love for Apple Cinnamon…and Berry…and Banana…and ALL OF THEM. I WOULD BUY ALL THE COLORS.

That is my rant which is being sent while sitting here super comfy in one of my 3 black Huel shirts.

Thanks for listening!


I’ll take a pumpkin spice shirt myself!

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ooo I do love the shirts. I got a grey one and it’s actually my favorite t shirt right now

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I’ll want the :banana: color.
Yellow looks good on me, but my only yellow shirt is almost 8 years old now.

I wouldn’t say Huel shirts are my favorite. I prefer 50/50 material, instead of 100% cotton.

Good idea - I would probably buy one of every colour! I have to blacks and one grey and love them, particularly the newer design! Fav t-shirts :ok_hand::smiley: