New Order Not Shipping

Just ordered my first batch, been waiting a couple days. Is shipping being delayed by Harvey? I’m in the US

Congratulations on your order! I cannot comment specifically on Harvey, but I can say my experience with my orders has been the first I get access to shipping information is the day before it arrives when I get an e-mail from UPS.

There had been an official post on the forum about the tracking notification system not working right and they were working on it. I cannot find it now, maybe that means it was fixed? You may be interested in the thread, How long does it take to get your Huel order.

Hi there,

Delivery typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive. Currently, we are experiencing some delays due to Hurricane Harvey and our warehouse being located in Texas, however we are working to get shipments out as fast as we can. If you could please email with your name and/or order number, we can give you an update on the status of your shipment.

Thank you!

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Hope you and all your staff/workers in Texas are safe!

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