Shipping Dept needs help

So, first off, my order was late, but Sherry worked her magic, gave me a few bucks off, and I was happy.

Until I got off work and came home to half of what I ordered. Come on, guys. This stuff isn’t cheap. It’s amazing, and worth every penny, but not cheap. Because of that, I expect things to be right. I mean, if you can’t be on time, at least be correct.

Ok, all fixed. What shipping lacks, customer care makes up for.

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Yeah, their shipping has had problems on and off for several months now. They made a mistake on my previous order and so ended up giving me two extra bags for free as compensation.

That’s why those of us who are regulars know two things:

  1. Never use the subscription service with the site.

  2. Order at least 2 weeks (preferably 3 weeks) before anticipating running out.

Thats good to know, Im still on my first bag of huel but have ordered another 8 bags.