Shipping and COVID-19

With the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic affecting people worldwide, we have put together some answers you might have regarding how this could affect your Huel delivery.

Here’s a quick update with more detail in the linked article below. The information in this article is the most up-to-date and will be continually updated in response to changes. So, it is unlikely that we will be able to provide you with any more information than what you’ll find below if you contact us directly. Of course we are always here to help you with any other queries!


Deliveries to all countries are still happening, but due to a mix of increased demand and stricter border controls there are delays which vary from country to country.

Up-to-date information on region specific delivery timelines is provided in the article linked above and in various places on the website including:

  • Product pages
  • Contact us page
  • FAQs
  • Delivery information page


While we have seen increased demand for Huel we are in a good position for stock.

You might see some flavors or products becoming temporarily unavailable. We are doing this to manage the stock and ensure that existing subscribers receive their orders, while we focus on keeping our core products available.

There is no need to stockpile Huel.

Contacting Us

We are currently experiencing a high number of customer contacts and we kindly ask that you remain patient during this busy period. If you have already contacted us, we advise you not to resend your email as this will only cause further delays and longer response times.


whew, thank goodness you guys are still sitting ok and making shipments happening. Without you guys I might actually lose my sanity over the next few weeks.

Also, in love with the Huel Black - Chocolate. I just got four bags and since I have no groceries and am stuck at home for now, you’ll be hearing from me again soon ha. Work has stated this may be more than just a month for us since it hasn’t fully hit middle TN yet.

I COULD go to the store but I’d def buy a lot of junk food and since I can’t gym for the next forseeable future, I’d rather avoid that - I have ZERO self control haha.

Thanks again guys for making this situation manageable.


Btw, your nick may be DebbieDowner but your posts have been above-average positive. :slight_smile:

Thank you for that

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thanks! I just happen to like Huel and have nothing bad to say ha

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