Shaker bottle broke... what did I do wrong? :(

I got my first Huel order about a week ago and before I go on, let me just say that I love the product… no complaints about the actual food here, it has been a lifesaver especially as I am going through a painful and messy separation from my SO. I have been drinking Huel every day, 1-2 times a day and I even crave it!

However, I just looked at my shaker bottle this morning and found it was cracked and slowly leaking :frowning: It looks like impact damage but I haven’t dropped or slammed the bottle at all. I usually put in 3 big square ice cubes and shake by hand as hard as I can… I’m no body builder but I guess maybe the corner of an ice cube hit it just right? Has anyone else experienced this problem? And what should I do in the future, different ice shapes?

You might not know your own strength :grinning: but really, frozen ice is kinda hard, so putting in big ice cubes may be like shaking with a couple of rocks. After a while you would probably crack the bottom by pounding it over and over. I usually use smaller cubes or just chill the water really well before mixing.

You can injure someone with frozen ice, and plastic doesn’t have the elasticity of our skin!
I can only conclude that you’re getting TOO powerful.