Sell me your used Huel

Hi. If there’s a flavor perhaps you did not enjoy, I can happily buy your used Huel.

I’m not sure you really want the Huel I have used. :rofl:

I’m sure there may be some with unused Huel that they’d like to get rid of.


I have some that you can purchase.

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The biggest problem is that after you open it, it goes bad after a bit even if you seal it up. It is very much a fresh food. So buying it off people might be a mixed bag in terms of freshness, especially if they weren’t sticklers about sealing the bags.

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But ya thought of me & that’s got to count for something. :people_hugging:

You can reach out by email. Is my info available with my account profile?

Ah. I stuck it on the bottom there. Let me know what ya got and what ya want. And don’t be cutting it with no pancake mix. I want that hard stuff!

Are you talking about Huel RTD Michael? The powders and Hot & Savory have a shelf-life of 6 months once opened.