Seeqing HUEL a protein shake mix

Hi Yall, just wanted to post my current Huel mix if anyone wants to give it a go. I have been mixing unflavored Huel with Seeq protein to make a daily protein shake that has the fibers and probiotic benefits of Huel that tastes good enough to consume on a daily basis. Of course you would need to buy some Seeq protein to make this, but I enjoy it.

1 scoop Huel Unflavored
1 scoop Seeq Protein Blue Raspberry flavor(i have tried it with Watermelon, I think the blue raspberry works better with Huel)
17 ounces of cold water
some ice(4 or 5 cubes for me)

I use a hand blender to mix it, I recommend this method for mixing ALL Huel. It is the most convenient method. I also usually blend the mixture befroe adding the ice. I use the 1/3 scoop for Huel and the scoop that comes with the Seeq for the Seeq which adds around 22 grams of protein to the shake. It should end up around 290 calories all in. I also like to add a scoop of ascorbic acid(vitamin c) because it’s good for you and it’s an easy mix in. It tastes fine both ways.