Savory Slop Ideas?

Does anyone else feel somewhat like they are eating a sort of slop with the savory meals?

I like the food and nutrition profile, although I often doctor it up with my own spices.

I’m trying to work around this. Today I had the Mexican chili over a piece of toast for an “open faced” sandwich soft of meal.

Anyone have other ideas?

I almost always some spices to my meals. I find the Mac N Cheeze is excellent with a little chili powder or with leftover taco seasoned pork.

Tonight I added a small bit of tomato paste and some oatmilk to the pasta bolonese to make it a bit more “cream of tomato” and it was excellent. I think adding a small bit of chopped pepperoni would be stellar.

I have yet to try the chili, since it was out of stock for so long, but imagine a small bit of shredded cheese on top would be great. Or maybe served with some corn chips.

Alone the meals are pretty great, but I am mostly using them to supplement my home cooked meals or when I just don’t have the time to do more. I think having some chopped veggies and spices to toss in will be my most common additions.

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Yup I always add spices too. I’ve found something that’s working for me for the “slop” dishes like curry. I put it over a pice of bread or toast, like an open face sandwich. Or similar to what my grandpa called sh** on a shingle lol. Helps give it structure and very filling :yum: