Safe to use after expiration date?

Hello, all.
I ordered many bags at once and realized I wasn’t able to finish them before their expiration dates.
My bags are at August 2022 and I’m still using them on Feb 2023.
Have you had experience using Huel 6 months past the expiration date? Has it been safe?

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Hey Ben - welcome back to the US forum! Great to see you. :slight_smile:

Great question too. Huel products have a Best Before date, which is more about quality in terms of nutrition and taste, rather than a Use-By date which indicates when a food may be safe to consume until.

However, we cannot guarantee the quality of our products or advise their consumption beyond the Best Before date printed on the packaging.

With that being said, I’ve also gone ahead and dropped you a direct message to assist further!

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I have a bunch of bags that expired in Sep 2022, and I’m still using them now. No ill effects for me

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LOL! I was creating a thread just like this. I did the same. Taste seems fine? They’re 5 months passed the best by date. Chocolate almond milk seems to help too. I have a marathon coming up and don’t wanna be wasteful. Thanks for posting this topic!

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