RIP v 1.1 Vanilla

Vanilla v 1.1 (non G-free) appears to no longer be available on the outlet. May it find peace as it moves on to the astral plane.

This is not the best Huel in the world, this is just a tribute.



I have made peace with it.

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We appreciate the moment of silence you have provided now that our V1.1 has gone off the radar. Hopefully you will find that our newest versions are not so bad either!

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I would pour some of the RTD Huel on the ground and say “for my fallen homies”, except … (wait for it) RTD is backordered.


Switched to black in the interim, pretty good!

I have been using Huel for years but I have to switch to another brand now due to the current ingredients being used (which my body cant process). RIP Huel V1.1 you were the best Huel for me.

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That flavor was THE BEST. I noticed that too. RIP.