Original is back? 😄

Just wanted to say thanks for working to bring it back! Will need to see how it compares to 2.0 but figured I should say thanks given how much flak I gave for it being removed :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea!! I just got the email too :slightly_smiling_face:. I loved the the taste of V1.1. Couldn’t eat the 3.0 and had canceled my subscription because of it. Been paying more for Kachava and Lyfe etc. since. Will come back to Huel once it’s available.

The first 3.0 I got (before I realized I could freaking send it back) I ended up throwing away 2 whole bags of it. Then I found a link on the forum that they were still selling the 1.1 on the outlet store. I used that up and just recently thought I’ll give the 3.0 black a try but as soon as I opened it I could tell it was the same gross flavor. So I’m going to try and return this 3.0 black and get this attempt at the original instead.

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t… Let the complainers come out of the woodworks (as I know they will)…

A part of me wishes Huel wouldn’t have given in to what I’m assuming is a small percentage of Huelers.

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Seriously? 1.1 is coming back? I’m on my last bag from my mega-purchase last summer. Right on time (almost).

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I’m gonna buy a bag to see what the Hype! is all about. I love the taste of 3.0 :frowning:

Same here! I’ve got a little bit left of July code date expiration. I’ve been using other products to like I mentioned above. Very happy the original flavor profile is coming back!

Any clue on availability date?

This was the email I got. Sounds like it’s available now Bob

Interesting. So…are we to believe that the current 3.0 is much more like the old 1.1 now? I wonder when that change went into effect; I ordered some 3.0 two weeks ago, but haven’t cracked a bag yet.

Hey Huel – Any clue for those of us who didn’t get the email that DukeBarnes got? @TimOfficialHuel

I’d wager that 3.0 outsells 1.1 by at least 2x once the initial “curiosity purchases” die down.

Still, I am happy that the 1.1 folks are being given a choice.

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Anybody at Huel want to tell me how / where to buy the “new/old” 1.1 vanilla powder? Anybody home @huel?

Thanks for the info. And the classy tone.

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I was thinking the same thing to Bob! Have a good day man

Sounds like it is just v3.0 with the v1.1 “flavor”. That’s disappointing because v3.0 made me feel terrible. I understand a lot of people like it, but for me it had nothing to do with the flavor – the formula itself did not sit well with my body.