Refund. Why is Huel support so slow at responding?

I sent an email but never got a response regarding an order. I understand it can get busy at times but a response to email shouldn’t take days.


I ordered Huel previously and I still had almost a full bag left so I purposely went on the Huel website and canceled subscription.

Today I noticed I was charged $67.94 despite me attempting to stop future charges for the moment.

I will need this (order #567763-US) refunded asap as I have other bills coming out the funds need to go to. If you would look at my account.

If you look at my account I have referred 10 people to Huel. That’s around $600 in one time payments and several thousands over time I brought to the company.

Please refund this order and let me know how to send the order back to you when it arrives.

Hi Chad! Sorry for the delayed email response on our end, it does tend to get a bit busy this time of year. I’ve went ahead and responded to that email of yours regarding your refund😁