Refrigerate Ready To Drink Huel?

I am new to Huel and just received my first shipment. My question is about refrigerated vs room temperature… Which is best? Does it matter? Also, can it be put in blender with ice to make it more of a shake?

I personally refrigerate it and find it tastes better when it’s cold. I’m assuming it can be blended, but why would you want to? For that just buy the powder and save yourself the $.

Thanks. I had been looking for “meal replacement” products and found Huel. I frankly didn’t realize I could use powder and that it would be as “complete” as a prepared drink. I also thought I was going to get the 3 flavors, but only received chocolate and vanilla. No berry. I am happy to give it a try. Thanks again.

No problem. I would argue that the powder has a better nutritional profile (at least it does for me). I went from only consuming Ready to Drink to Huel Black. On days I’m on the go I’ll prepare my Huel in advance and keep it in the fridge.