My Huel has an industrial/glue smell

I have been drinking the Huel Black powder daily for the last few years (mostly Coffee Caramel) but a few months ago I got a shipment and it smelt terrible like industrial cleaner or glue. The support team helped me replace it with another flavor (Cookies and Cream) which tasted normal. Next month I get another shipment with the same problem, replaced again and now the new flavor has the same problem, the same terrible smell and flavor.

In total I have received 10 bags of the product that smells and tastes terrible and I am starting to wonder if something just changed with the formula. I have had friends and family try the Huel and we all agree that it smells terrible and tastes like you are poisoning yourself. I know some people find the taste of Stevia offensive and I’m wondering if maybe something has gone wrong with the Stevia that the USA manufacturers are using?

I’m at a loss because Huel has become part of my daily routine, but I just can’t drink the product that I have been getting delivered. It has been 2 months since my first contact with the Huel support team (which have been incredibly helpful) but I just don’t see how this terrible smelling and tasting Huel is making it through their quality assurance department.


Hey @Cody - welcome to the US Huel forum. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad to hear our team was able to help, but really sorry to hear about this. We take food quality and safety very seriously and I’ve reached out to our team for some additional information. As soon as I hear back from them, I’ll let you know right away.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions or concerns, let me know too!


Hi @Charlotte_Huel just wanted to follow up, I’m just curious if the problem I was having was the result of a production issue or if some ingredient change.

Hey @Cody I’ve reached out to our team to see if there are any updates. As soon as I hear from them, I’ll let you know right away!

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Hey @Cody - I have an update from the team! Please see below :slight_smile:

There have been no changes in ingredients and current investigations have not lead us to conclude there was an issue with production. We are continuing to investigate and as soon as we have any additional information, we’ll let you know.

Hope this helps and if any additional information becomes available, I’ll let you know too!

Hi @Charlotte_Huel,

I’m having this exact same issue but with the white original flavor. Received 3 bags about a week ago and all of them smell (and taste) like glue. I’ve been drinking this flavor of Huel for about 3 months now so I was immediately sure that the taste and smell was very off.



Hey @mitch_12345

Sorry to hear this - I’ve just DM-ed you to chat through further and grab a bit more information!

Hi, I just tried 1 scoop of Huel Black Vanilla for the first time. (I have been using Huel V3.0 regular and GF for over 6 months.) I too noticed a horrible taste, so bad I am throwing out the entire bag. I won’t be being Huel Black again. I have never had an issue with V3.0, in all these months of drinking Huel. Since GF version is discontinued I am going back to V3.0, I am not gluten intolerant, but sensitive and choose not to eat gluten in my diet. Black is not the answer for me. I am writing Customer Service next but wanted to share my experience here on the forum too.

Hey Rebecca, sorry to hear this. If you emailed in to us, we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist further and if you haven’t already, please don’t throw the bag out just yet!

The reason being that the batch information on the back of the bag will be very helpful for our team to investigate as well as the fact that we may ask for the bag to be sent back for further investigation too.

In the interim, if there’s anything else I can help with here on the forum or if you have any additional feedback, please let me know!

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Hi @Charlotte_Huel , Oh gosh I am sorry but I did throw out the bag. I store all my Huel in OXO 4qt containers. So I poured the black in days ago, thinking I would be ok.

I did email CS, and told them this too.

I was happy to find some Huel Version 3.0 Gluten Free in stock so I ordered myself two bags yesterday. Yay!

Thanks always for the help! Have a great day.

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Howdy, just opened up a new bag of Black Vanilla, and I am also getting a very strong industrial chemical smell, along with an odd taste after mixing up a scoop. Lot information is:

Lot # KP22227
Batch #002
USA Exp: 09/17/2023 09:20AM (very specific expiry, lol)

I have been having Vanilla Black almost everyday for months, so I know what normal is, and this definitely isn’t it. The scoop I mixed is also very coarse and gritty, more so than normal.

I won’t mix another scoop because the smell is so alarming, but please advise what I should do with the bag.

Thanks much, and happy holidays!

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Just an addendum, I opened another bag from my most recent shipment (I get kind of behind sometimes, lol) and that bag smells and tastes fine, thankfully.

Lot # KP2258
Batch #001
USA Exp: 10/15/2023 07:00am

Hi @Emulloon - Welcome to the forum! :raised_hands:`

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sending through the batch information. I’ve just messaged you to gather some additional information so we can sort this out for you. :two_hearts: