1500 calories feels like 2000

Got my first shipment this week, and 3 servings a day feels like plenty.

Am I reacting to all the fiber and protein? Will I need 4 servings a day eventually, if I’m all Huel?

@TeddyKGB I’m with you there. 3 servings feels like more than enough for me, it also is within my calorie intake for my weight loss goals. As for if you’ll need 4 servings a day if you go completely Huel is up to your personal goals. Are your trying to lose weight, gain weight, maintain your current weight, etc.? There is a link to a calculator on Huel’s site that can help you with this question, http://scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator/ Happy Hueling :sunglasses:

Definitely need to drop weight – just a little concerned I’ll be missing out on some nutrition. And I work out almost every day, so I figure I need enough Huel to fuel those workouts.

Part of me suspects that I’ve been sustaining myself on empty calories for so long, my body doesn’t quite know what to do at the moment.

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The low glycemic index and slower digesting carbs of the oats, plus the fiber, are probably making your doses of Huel last longer than you anticipated. That is one of the biggest benefits from Huel that I noticed immediately. I don’t have to eat again so soon after a dose. Even 500 calories lasts me longer than I would think.

IMO, 3 servings of Huel should give you enough vitamins and minerals. The recommended daily allowance numbers set by the FDA are fudged (adjusted upwards, over-compensated) to ensure that people with mal-absorption get enough. Technically, with 3 Huel servings you get about 75% of the RDA of those vitamins/minerals, but due to the fudging that is enough for majority of people.

Here’s an interesting article on protein I read yesterday. They touch on the research showing how a higher protein diet helped people lose weight and helped with appetite.

This article, too


Hey @TeddyKGB, your statement sounds a little contradictory to me:

“just a little concerned I’ll be missing out on some nutrition”

“Part of me suspects that I’ve been sustaining myself on empty calories”

:thinking: I think you’ll be getting MORE nutrients from Huel than from your previous diet. I have no malicious intent here so apologies if it felt like that.

Something to keep in mind though; Our brains are wired for rewards and a very compelling reward is foods high in fats and sugars. If our brains are used to an unbalanced diet (i.e. fast food for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner was commonplace) and we switch to a more balanced diet (Huel, lean protein like chicken with lots of veggies, etc.) then our brains are going to try very hard to get the bad foods. This usually means feeling hangry until your body adjust and your brain adapts to not having the high fat high sugar foods.

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I have to say the most curious discovery I made was my first Saturday on Huel … day 7.

I slept in an hour and did a 450 cal Huel at about 9a. Had to go to the office plus things to get done and kept fairly occupied all day. I get back in the hose about 3p and realized I had had no other food and was not actually hungry. It is the best thing so far about Huel.

Another interesting thought … I’ve recently been reading a lot about food and appetite, brains and chemistry and such. There seems to be medical studies indicating that a “bland” diet in line with Paleo and Whole30 actually seem to retrain the brain (and brain stem and other neural things) not to get triggered by food. You likely still get issues with the calorie dense foods because survival tells you to eat these while you can. I’m doing just Huel (vanilla) and other than the chocolate powder packet rarely I sticking with that and don’t seem to want to try harder to jazz things up.


I workout more or less everyday as well, and I need to consume 6 shakes per day to satisfy my caloric needs. That is exclusively based on the way my body feels rather than on counting calories. It should be said however that I am not looking to loose weight. I guess if you feel satisfied with 3 shakes, then that might be fine?