Product Usage Instructions

I just received my first order of the Chocolate and Berry Huel. However I didn’t receive any scoop or any of the free stuff tee shirt and shaker bottle. If I want to use the product what can I compare a scoop to with it so I can start using it?

Use a 1/4 Cup measuring cup and scoop gently then level it off (you’ll get about 35 - 40 g) or use a firmer smoosh into the bag of powder and you’ll be around the 50ish grams that is the new scoop size.

The best answer is to get a food scale and WEIGH exactly the amount you want to consume because “scoops” is about as accurate as ‘handfulls’

Yep. This is good all around advice. Especially at first when you are new to Huel. Once you’ve made your Huel concoction several times, you’ll get used to how much powder and liquid you prefer for your meal. Then you can get to the point where you know each serving will be x number (or x and 1/y number) of scoops, since that equals the xx grams (previously weighed) that you routinely use for your particular Huel dosage. Then you’ll be able to skip weighing it each time and just estimate by total scoops. But at first it really helps to weigh on a scale.

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Thank you for the replies. I’m excited to try huel. So far I’ve tried both flavors and actually enjoy a scoop of the chocolate and berry mixed.

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I hope that you will at least contact customer service though because you should have gotten that stuff with your first order. I calculated that the new scoop size would be 3/8 of a cup, but I don’t know what to tell you about the other scoop size because it is bigger than a fourth of a cup, but it is smaller than a third of a cup. I would say go with the force of a cup though and just do that because you will be accounting for the fact that the powder is going to get packed down a tiny bit when you scoop it. Also, 1 cup is 500 cal, so if you had been planning to do that many calories anyways, you could just measure out a cup and collect 500 cal. You could also just measure out a half a cup and call that 250 cal. Just try not to pack the powder down because that makes it more than it is supposed to be. Gently use a finger to level off the top or tablet gently against the side of the bag. Also, I tried to fluff the powder up before you take a scoop. You can use a scale as well, but that would be annoying. One of the old scoops is 38 g and one of the new scoops is 50 g. From what I calculated, three scoops would actually be 7/8 of a cup, but it is easier just to do a cup. Three of the old scoops is 450 cal and a cup is 500 cal. The new serving size is two scoops in each of those scoops is 50 g. They will probably send you the new scoop. Make sure you know which scoop they are sending you when you talk to them. But if you wanted to do two of these new scoops at 400 cal, you would do 3/4 of a cup. One of the scoops is 3/8 of a cup and so both of them is 3/4 of a cup. Also, the old scoop is 70 mL. I calculated that the new scoop should be around 92 mL, but I don’t know how many milliliters the new scoop actually is. So you could try to find a container that is 70 mL or two. 4 ounces, although I think it would be easier just to get them to send you a scoop. Also, the container would be 2.4 fluid ounces if you were doing it that way. Just because you get a container that is a certain number of fluid ounces does not mean that you are putting that number of ounces into it and wait. For example, a 2 ounce container might be able to fit five or 6 ounces of peanut butter. If my calculations for the new scoop are correct, then you could use a 3.1 ounce container for one scoop or a 6.2 ounce container for two scoops, but you would probably be fine just doing a 3 ounce and a 6 ounce container because that tiny bit of difference won’t really impacted that much. But the old scoops actually do you say 70 mL on them so I know that for sure.

Never thought to mix berry with chocolate. Interesting. Another trick a lot of us use is to mix in our favorite milk or a mix of milk/water.

Not to hijack the thread, but I had a standard, myself.


Byron, what size shirt would you like? I can get these items out to you ASAP.

I submitted for a XXL Shirt. Is it also possible to get the smoke bottle instead of the clear for the inconvenience?

No problem! I’ve placed your order and you should receive email confirmation and updates as usual. :+1:

Oh my! You’re simply amazing. Thank you for your great customer service! I will definitely be signing up for the subscription. Is there a way to submit an order and have it poststed so January 30th it is shipped every month or so i have to order on that date?

Oh shucks, Byron. :blush: Happy to help! When placing the subscription order, there isn’t a way to postpone it at checkout, so I’d recommend ordering on the 30th and setting your order frequency to 4-5 weeks. Unfortunately, you can’t set it up to renew on the 30th of every month, but you can edit the specific date on a one-time basis if you need to make adjustments.