Just Ordered No Tracking Number Provided

I have an order number but I don’t know how much good that does me when I want to try and track my package. I ordered my subscription before the weekend and they’ve already sent me about 5 emails not one of them containing a tracking number, approximate delivery date, whether it be fedex, ups, usps. Anyone else having this problem?

In your order status on the website is it fulfilled yet? If it isn’t fulfilled it hasn’t shipped yet, hence no package tracking. When I made my first order a week ago I got 4 emails prior to it actually shipping. Once it ships you should get a “A shipment is on its way” email with a tracking number.

How do you get to your order status. Sorry I’m new to this!

No worries! There should be a link in one of those emails, but if you go to huel.com and click My Account in the top right your order should be listed there along with its status. Make sure you’re on the right website for your country (the little flag next to My Account).

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I ordered two flavors at the same time on 4/29, Cappuccino and Chocolate. I was told about a day after my order that they were out of stock on the chocolate but would go ahead and send me the cappuccino. Since then, I’ve been the one to do all the follow up.

It was confusing when I received the cappuccino package because the packing slip had both flavors listed. I let the customer service rep know this to ensure Huel knew that they still had to fulfill the chocolate flavoring. I wasn’t provided with a different order number for the chocolate so it just shows fulfilled.

Last Monday (5/7) I checked in on the status I was told that my chocolate flavor should arrive in 3 to 5 business days. So if you don’t count the Monday I checked on it then it has only been 4 full business days. But I wasn’t provided with a tracking number so I have no idea the whereabouts of my package.

I’ve mostly been working with a cust. serv. rep named Sherri and she has been very nice and helpful, but I’m a bit frustrated with the lack of information provided.

A person named Sothan reached out to me last Thursday afternoon to make sure I’m happy and have everything I needed. I replied back to them on Friday at 1pm saying I’m satisfied with the product and explained the chocolate flavoring issue. I have not heard back from them. I know Huel isn’t open over the weekend, but they had most of Friday afternoon to respond and this morning.

Just seems like a small chain of negligence in one form or another has led to a less than satisfied experience for me.

Great product but be prepared to be frustrated by shipping and customer service practices.

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2 rules of thumb when ordering Huel from their site:

  1. Order at least 2 (preferably 3 weeks) before anticipating running out of your supply.

  2. Order early in the week, preferably Monday.

I have noticed the most problems occur when ordering on Fridays or weekends. At least, in terms of delays.


I have an update!

Huel has gone over the top to make me happy in this frustrating situation. So I’ve been waiting for a while for the Chocolate flavoring I’ve ordered. In my last email to them I had mentioned that if the Chocolate was going to take a while longer that I would happily take a Strawberry or Chocolate Mint flavor in its place.

I got an email last night saying that my chocolate was on it’s way with the shipping info along with Strawberry AND Chocolate Mint Flavors. They also refunded the cost of the chocolate flavoring so I’m getting 3 flavor boosts for free. I greatly appreciate Sherry’s assistance at Huel and exceeding my expectations. Definitely a happy camper now :smile:

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let me know how the chocolate mint is. I have heard it’s the best overall.

So a bit of another update. Turns out the orginal chocolate flavor booster I ordered came in this past Saturday, but instead of one bag, I received three bags. Originally I thought they messed up and sent me three chocolate flavors instead of one chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate mint, but Sherry told me that package had not arrived yet and that the package with the three chocolates was the lost package.

I received the chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate mint yesterday. I’ll try the chocolate mint tomorrow and let you know. So far I have only tried the chocolate and cappuccino flavors and I like the cappuccino a bit more, but they’re both good.

Yeah thought, yay for me! 4 chocolates, 1 strawberry, 1 chocolate mint for free :smiley:

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So the Chocolate Mint when added to Huel tastes like you took some Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies and crumpled them up in your shake. I know that sounds really appetizing, but remember the Huel is strong so while you can taste the chocolate mint, you still get the Huel too.

After trying Huel’s chocolate, mint chocolate, cappuccino, and strawberry flavors, Cappuccino is my personal favorite.

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Cool. thanks for the roundup. I will likely skip the mint chocolate. I occasionally put the chocolate in my Huel and that’s pretty good, especially when combined with a half banana, cashews, or peanut butter. I am very caffeine sensitive, so the cappuccino is a non-starter for me. (Their Huel banana and strawberry flavor additives are … well, I won’t go there.)

I haven’t tried the banana (I’m not big on banana flavoring in general), but I’m definitely with you on the strawberry :expressionless:

this has happened to me several times already

not getting my ups number for #33189-EU atm

Hi @Erick_Lestrange

Your order appears to have originated from Europe. Have you contacted info@huel.com for information about your order?