Never received my huel?

Hello! I’ve been using huel for about over a year now. I use it in between meals and on lunch breaks/15’s at work, and it does indeed work for what I use it for when done correctly! (weight gain)

But I never received my most recent package? I’m not sure what to do next to be honest. Is there anyway to contact support about this?

There should be a tracking number somewhere. If you do contact support, expect it to be a few days before you hear anything.

Tracking # says it was delivered 10/22. I never received anything.

Hey Christopher! I do see as well that your most recent package shows delivered on October 22nd. It’s possibly that it was lost or misplaced along the way. I’m going to send you over an email right now to chat next steps😁 Thanks again for reaching out and being such a faithful Hueligan! If you need anything in the future don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Thank you for reaching out! I’ll check my email :slight_smile: