Why can't I mix and match different types of Huel in my order?

The ordering system is very frustrating. I would like to be able to mix and match bags of Huel Original and Huel Black, why can’t I just get one of each?

And now the minimum order of the Hot & Savory is THREE bags? I was going to try the new ones but now I guess I wont.


The reason why it is not possible to mix and match one bag of one version with another is because it surpasses the minimum purchase for each version. For our Hot and Savory bags, our minimum is 3 bags because we have found that our products can be personalized & prepared in so many ways that 7 servings would not suffice to be able to make your perfect meal. In addition, the 3 bags will provide approximately three weeks worth of meals, allowing you to try each flavor and experiment with different ways to make your ideal Hot & Savory.

I did want to mention that there is a way to still enjoy a single bag of our products that you see yourself only using sometimes. Once you have fulfilled your minimum order quantity of the same version ( 2x V.3 powders, 2x Black Edition or 3x Hot & Savory bags) you can add a third single item of any other version!

Basically, if you wish to only try the Hot and Savory and feel like three bags is too much to start, you can just add a single bag to your current 2x powder subscription & if you feel like all of that is too overwhelmed then you can always put your subscription on pause afterwards to truly see how long you would get through your products to then un-pause and re-order again! :raised_hands:t3:

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That so-called reason sounds like made-up BS to me. You can’t decide how much and how people choose to use your products. You can have an opinion, but we all have our own opinions. I can’t believe that you still won’t allow us to create ONE subscription order for all of the products we wish to purchase. It is such a no-brainer, and I have never seen another company with such a ridiculous policy.



Thank you for your detailed response. I didn’t realize it was possible to add a single bag as a sample to an order. I did just now place a Huel order but I actually ended up going with the regular 3-bag package since you now have a 3rd flavor of the hot and savory, and I wanted to try all three flavors.

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