2 bags 1 type? Why?

Why is it that customers are not able to subscribe to one bag v3 and one bag black or how ever much is wanted instead of adding extras every month. Is it a money grab or is it a lack of knowledge on how to build a website that allows customers to mix versions?


I believe you can. Try creating a subscription, placing order for whichever type. Before placing order go back in to edit subscription, removing or replacing bags as desired.
Check out a post that went up about this recently.
I just edited my order last week to drop one bag of Huel and add one Hot & Savory. No troubles.


You can edit your subscription and remove/add/change flavors within one product, as long as it’s more than the minimum order of bags (2 for powder/BE, 3 for H&S) but the minimum amount of bags per item are required for any subscription or purchase.

The reason as to why we do not mix bags is primarily due to the difference in pricing across the powder ranges. Even though some powders may be from different versions but around the same prices, not all of them guarantee this. Of course your feedback will be passed down to our team! I have also personally messaged you to answer any more follow-up questions you may have!

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