Possible Source and Solution for Plastic Found in Huel Bags

I saw a few posts on social media of people finding plastic pieces in their Huel powder and thought this take might be helpful.

In my experience when I have found plastic fragments in my Huel bags I noticed it came from the tearing off of the plastic bag seal at the top.

The tiny plastic found in the bag was shed from the opening seal at the top of the bag when ripped open.

To remedy this, before opening the bag you can fold below the tearing section so that the top of the bag is tilted toward the side or the ground.

Now when you pull the tear seal away any plastic fragments will stay in place and not fall into the powder below.

Then I just pinch my finger inside along the tear perforation and pulling outwards so any plastic pieces shed from the tear are pulled out of the bag.

Another method others have used is pouring the bag of Huel through a strainer and into another container.

I don’t really think Huel can do much to directly solve this problem because they have mass produced a tremendous amount of bags and throwing them all out would be a huge loss for them to take.

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Also instead of ripping, use scissors.

I usually cut just above the line to have a slightly longer flap. I snip the center almost to the zip seal, then cut above the seal along the left side of the front flap, spin the bag around and do the same.

The result is something like this:
Back: MMMMMmmmmm
Front: mmmmmMMMMM

And that makes gripping them easier to pull apart

This last batch have been heat-sealed at a weird angle, pinching the top+sides. :person_shrugging:


I found it in the protein powder, which is a carton with a lid.