Please fix the Hot & Savory Pot!

No matter how hard I tighten the hot and savory pot lid, it leaks all over the place if I so much as tilt it to one side.
Shaking is absolutely out of the question.
Did I just get a bad one, or do they all do that?


Hey @apsollecito,
Sorry that has been your experience with the Huel Pot. It should be able to seal once you close it, but is not made to be shaken! The top is really there to help prepare the Hot & Savory more than anything!

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I used the plastic hot & savory cup a couple of times, and it worked well enough. However, the 16 oz ceramic cup and lid that I went out and purchased for my h&s Huel works even better, and I don’t have to worry about adding any cooked plastic to my diet. Imo the cup should have been ceramic to begin with.

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It was likely also free or cost less $5. You get what you pay for when it comes to these things and honestly, for the price, I’ll take it.

the instructions that came with your pot dont say anything about shaking it. so working as advertised :stuck_out_tongue: I always figured the lid was for “On the go” purposes more than “Quick prep”

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