Peanut Butter flavoring

Anyone have any ideas on how to add a peanut butter flavoring to huel?

PB2 or other peanut butter powder
or actual peanut butter
(assumes a blender/ninja/bullet/etc)

If you wanted a bit crunchier: Reese’s Pieces.

I’m still working on the Tennessee BBQ flavor…

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Powdered peanut butter works best as stated above.

Walmart has a Great Value brand powdered peanut butter that I use with HUEL every morning. It’s good!

I also use PB2 powdered peanut butter. It works well.

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It has a lot of sodium in it, unfortunately.

If you’re wanting a low/no sodium alternative, just make your own nut butter. Use unsalted, roasted nuts. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, they are all yummy as butter.

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