Pea protein flavor

So I mostly love the taste, but the only annoying part is this sort of aftertaste or this sort of taste that I keep experiencing. I think that this taste may come from the pea protein. The taste is sort of bitter and earthy. I have been trying to get rid of it, but I haven’t had a complete luck. I was still of course use Huel even if that taste can’t go away because nutrition is the most important to me, but I still would like to try to get it to go away if I can, so here is what I have tried and how it has worked or it hasn’t worked. I got my things to try from articles about how to remove a bitter taste from food or smoothies. I tried adding splendor to it. That doesn’t really do anything except make it sweeter. The taste is still there. I have added lemon juice to it, and that does help, but for the taste to completely go away, I have to add too much lemon juice where it will become very lemony. I tried adding a pinch of salt. That did not help. I tried using spices like cinnamon and not Meg, which these articles said it would be a good idea. That made it worse. Spices like garlic and things in a savory dish did not help or hurt it. I tried adding a fat source, and that did help some, but I do not want to add a ton of calories to it, and I don’t know what fat would be good to add long-term. I tried fish oil and coffee creamer, and those helped it, but I tried all of oil, and that made it way worse. That made it so bitter, even though I added just a tiny tiny bit, that I could not have it. I have tried adding fruit, which is hard since I don’t have a blender and I wanted this to be convenient, but in order to make it go away, you have to add a ton of fruit. I didn’t pumpkin pie spice was also a no go. Adding yogurt made it more creamy, but did not make any impact on the earthy taste. Powder help a bit, but it was still there. Peanutbutter did not hurt it or help it. Adding tea or coffee to it actually made it worse. Cooking it definitely helps it go away, but I don’t want to have to cook it all the time. And my muffin recipe, I could not taste it at all. Adding butter to it definitely helps, but that probably is not a good long-term solution. So based on my experiences, what would you suggest for me to try next, or when you just say that they’re just is not a way to get rid of the earthy taste? I know that it is not the flavors that cause it because this taste occurs in both the flavored and the unflavored. This is also annoying because the earthy taste limits what I can make from it. I suppose I don’t even know if it is the protein that causes the taste, but before, they said it probably was. I did some research, and out of the two proteins, P protein is known for having a difficult flavor. One article I was reading said that rather than try to cover it up, I should work with the flavor notes of the protein, but I don’t know how to do that. I love that Nettie, not like note, but I just don’t like that earthy, abrasive finish. Now, this is definitely the best tasting shake I have ever had. I haven’t really been able to drink other shakes or eat protein bars at all because they taste so bad. Well, I would say that the one that tasted the absolute best was muscle milk, but the problem with that is that it can’t actually replace multiple meals all the time, and it really isn’t very filling, and it is more expensive because I think you can only get it in a bottle. But other than that, this one is the only one I have really been able to like, but I just want to make it better. I just want to get rid of the bad ending taste so I can completely enjoy it. The taste I am describing is like if you eat the rind of a grapefruit or something like that. Even when I do eat a grapefruit, I love the grapefruit, but hate the bad aftertaste. Oh, and also, I have tried making soup out of it, which is actually very good, but I have tried cooking an egg with it, and that does not really affect the taste at all, so I was just telling you what I tried so that maybe someone here could figure out what the problem is and tell me what I could do differently. Oh, and one more thing. I want to try to keep it thick. I like it thicker and I don’t want to thin it out. And yes, I do keep it in the fridge overnight and that makes it creamier, but does not affect the aftertaste.